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“Have your goals, your vision, visualize everything… but detach your happiness from the outcome. My happiness is the enjoyment of the pursuit of my potential.” – David Meltzer

This podcast is part one of a conversation with David Meltzer, Co-Founder and CEO at Sports1Marketing. David is an executive, author, and humanitarian best known for his work in the field of sports marketing. He is a featured speaker at conferences, corporate meetings, seminars, and other events along with being featured in The New York Times, Sporting News, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.

At Terranea Resort in Los Angeles, RevThink’s Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger lead a Creative Entrepreneurs conference on BULLETPROOFING PROFITS. Knowing that being our topic, we recognized our audience might show up thinking we were going to talk only about money. But much to everyone’s surprise, we revealed that profits in a creative firm are not about money, but rather about CHOICES… and maintaining CONTROL of your business.

In David’s talk, he provided us with break from all the talk of numbers plus a terrific dose of inspiration. Sharing his ideas from his books – one titled Connected To Goodness and the other titled Compassionate Capitalism – David’s message featured his stories of success, failure, redemption, and purpose.

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