RevThinking 022 | Maria Rapetskaya - Why Small Studios Rule (51:19) | RevThink

“Can I build this company and still retain the quality of life that I want?” – Maria Rapetskaya

If you run a motion design or production studio, do you live to work? Or do you work to live? Put another way, does your business run your life, or does your business support your life?

After writing the wildly popular article entitled Why Small Studios Struggle, Joel Pilger interviews Maria Rapetskaya in this episode on the contrasting topic of “Why Small Studios Rule.” Maria is the owner of Undefined Creative, a small motion design studio in New York City. Maria is interesting because she started small, but has stayed small… intentionally. Why? What has her journey been like? Other topics in our discussion:

  • Is there a bias in America that says “all growth is good?
  • Can having an interesting personal life benefit your work life?
  • And what if the two were more integrated?

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