RevThinking 051 | Neil Berkeley at Future You Media - How I Moved Into Content | RevThink

“When I made my first documentary I didn’t know I was making content… I just wanted to make it.” – Neil Berkeley

In episode 51 of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger talks with Neil Berkeley at Future You Media about the transition creative entrepreneurs dream about: moving into content production.

If you run a studio, agency, or production company, you probably desire to produce long-form stories, films, and the like. You are not alone. There’s just something about the heart of the creative entrepreneur that dreams of telling the stories that matter most to them, and getting well paid for it.

But few actually do it.

Learn how Neil – while working as a successful commercial and promo director running his commercial production company Brkly  – made the move into content… without even realizing it.


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