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“Good salespeople are persistent; great salespeople don’t need to be persistent. They know how to engage, how to be thoughtful, educational, or insightful.” – Robert Blatchford

As a prelude to our one-day conference focused on Sales in Los Angeles on October 28th, Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson interview Robert Blatchford, strategist at makebrave and a true innovator, well-known for his leadership and influence in the industry.

Having led business development at top creative agencies Troika and LoyalKaspar, Robert offers us a rare and valuable perspective. In this episode, we discuss the evolving – an increasingly critical – role of business development at creative agencies, studios and production companies.

Listen in to learn from Robert about the current state of the industry and how a solid business development strategy can empower creative firms to thrive in new ways and in spite of our increasingly competitive environment.

Join Robert, Tim and Joel at the Creative Entrepreneurs Conference on Sales at Terranea Resort on October 28th (in partnership with PromaxBDA).

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