RevThinking 005 | Patrick Jager - Your TV Show Doesn't Belong on TV | RevThink

Admit it, you have dreams of producing original content.

It’s okay. At one point or another, every owner of a production company or motion design studio dreams of developing a TV show.

A great idea used to be enough, but that was then. This is now: over 450 production companies produce programming for television. The market is beyond saturated.

Or is it? It turns out the cheese hasn’t disappeared, it has moved.

Patrick Jager, CEO of Core Innovation Group and former SVP of Development and Programming at High Noon Entertainment, has much to say on the subject.

Before investing in your very own TV show idea, be sure you develop a strategy for today’s evolving media “smorgasbord.” Listen here as Joel Pilger interviews Patrick on how to do that.

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