Powerful (creative) outreach | RevThink

Thanks to everyone who joined our Carve Out Your Positioning livestream a few weeks ago. The turnout and feedback was fantastic.

Now your firm’s new narrow, shiny, “sticky” positioning is ready to go out into the world.

But how?

The next step is powerful outreach.

But what is that exactly? And how does that work? To answer this question, let’s revisit the concept of the Modern Thriving Creative Firm:

Great Work
comes from
Better Clients
are won through
Powerful Outreach
which requires
Narrow Positioning
that flows from
Your Genius

If you are like most owners, your 2020 outreach strategy probably sounds something like this:

“The first week of January, let’s reach out to all our clients and prospects!”

But is this actually an outreach strategy? Or simply bugging people (again)?

Remember, you are a creative firm. You produce powerful creative on a daily basis. Therefore, isn’t a completely reasonable question for us to ask…

Can’t you also produce powerful (creative) outreach?

In 2020, I give you full permission to do so. To hear a recent example, listen to Tim Thompson and I discuss the principle of Experts Travel.



P.S. To master and apply this concept at your firm in 2020, join us at Compound. By the end of the year, a dozen creative firms will be transformed.