The Next JUMPSTART™ Begins October 30th | RevThink

As RevThink’s most well-known program, JUMPSTART™ is our 10-week accelerator led by RevThink consultant Joel Pilger.

Now approaching its one-year anniversary, this accelerator transforms creative firms – in motion design, animation, production and VFX – to reach the next level by learning how to carve out a unique positioning, win better clients and run an overall stronger creative business.

Looking back on the success of the program’s first year, Joel feels a strong sense of pride: “I’ve been able to help more than 70 studios from 18 countries around the world. With JUMPSTART™ it has been enormously gratifying for me to transfer my experience and practical wisdom to the next generation of up-and-coming creative firms.” (See below for a list of current and past clients.)

Enrollment is now open for the next 10-week accelerator beginning October 30, 2017.

The program is ideally suited to creative entrepreneurs running studios, agencies and production companies between $300K-$1.5MM in annual revenue. Visit the JUMPSTART page for the details and to see if your firm qualifies.

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