RevThinking 048 | PromaxBDA Annual Roundtable Podcast 2018 | RevThink

“Data can’t be everything and it’s not predictive of future habits; it shows you where people have been but it doesn’t show you where people are going.” – Steve Viola, FX Networks

In our second annual PromaxBDA Roundtable Podcast, Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger have a conversation with four amazing guests: Chuck Carey, Marcel Ziul, Meghan Kirsch, and Steve Viola.

First off we would like to give a big shout out to Kristen Huffines at Aspire Artist Agency. She sponsored this event and graciously let us use her presidential suit in New York city at the Hilton Midtown Hotel.

The topic of this years roundtable podcast is, “We’ve got Data so who needs creative?” The guests are, Chuck Carey a Creative Entrepreneur and one of the founders & partners at Troika, Marcel Ziul a Creative Director & Founder of State Design, Meghan Kirsch SVP of Marketing & Creative at Viceland, and Steve Viola the SVP of Design at FX networks.


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