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A message from Joel Pilger

An article in the NY Times caught my eye: yet another headline declaring bad news for small businesses.

It really bothered me because I know so many business owners reading the news and getting needlessly discouraged.

You see, since COVID hit I’ve been in touch with almost one hundred owners. And guess what? About 1/3 of them are *thriving.* But they are reluctant to share their good news because they don’t want to appear insensitive.

When you read that, perhaps you’re wondering, “Really? How?”

Now you know why I decided to start posting on social about this topic: to encourage owners that there is a way to thrive right now, despite COVID.

The response was so positive, I decided to collapse all my thinking into a webinar so you can digest the entire concept in one sitting: what I call the Model of the Thriving Creative Firm.

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In his role as Consultant at RevThink, Joel Pilger advises eminent studios, agencies, and production companies. His clients are based in the US and 23 countries around the world. For two decades prior to consulting, Joel helmed Impossible Pictures with a team size of 25 employees / $5MM annual revenue.