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“The entire lifeline of this whole industry… no one has finished it yet… so we are all imposters, to a degree.” – Ryan Summers

In this episode of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger speaks with Ryan Summers, Creative Director at School of Motion. Ryan is a creative leader whose career has spanned major brands as well as top studios such as Digital Kitchen, We Are Royale, Blur Studios, Oddfellows, Midnight Sherpa, and Imaginary Forces.

The field of motion design is still relatively young yet our industry has undergone substantial changes in a short period of time. Since no single individual has lived out an entire career – much less a lifetime – in our industry, how can anyone know what to expect? So while some are thriving, others are frustrated or disillusioned. Why?

Ryan challenges motion designers to view our industry in a more entrepreneurial way and consider opportunities to own what we create.


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