RevThinking 081 | James Cowen - Node Fest | RevThink

“It’s very important to connect with people – whether it leads to new business or not – just for your mental well being. So it’s really important to get out and celebrate.” – James Cowen

In this episode of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger speaks with James Cowen, Founder/Creative Director at Yes Captain. As if running a creative studio wasn’t enough, James also helms the annual motion design conference Node Fest in Melbourne, Australia.

What would lead a busy creative entrepreneur to start a new conference? What is involved in pulling it off?  What might seem fun and glamorous may have a challenging dark side. But are there other strategic byproducts which emerge?

James challenges creatives to get out from behind their desk, meet people, and celebrate the industry and the amazing work that we are privileged to make.


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