RevThinking RECAST | Executive Producing with Tim Thompson | RevThink

For this episode of the RevThinking podcast we are excited to ‘go back’. We are going to be sharing what we call the “best of” episodes with you. Recasting the top episodes from that past one hundred episodes of the RevThinking Podcast.

Tim Thompson is a consultant and Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink. In this episode, Joel Pilger asks Tim the question: when your studio is ready to hire a full-time sales person (e.g., an Executive Producer), it’s an exciting time. You have visions of your new EP bringing in fresh clients with exciting projects and fat budgets.

Reality check: sales is difficult. And many salespeople – even the good ones – approach the job without knowing what really works. So how do you set up your EP for success? The key is to view sales not as a hope or even a skill, but as a system.

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