Revving up | RevThink

RevThink founder Tim Thompson had a call with a podcast listener just before Christmas (let’s call her Carolyn) who was excited to strengthen and grow her business in 2020.

And she was intrigued to finally connect with the industry’s only consultancy focused on creative firms.

Her firm is ready. However, because she’s never worked with a consultant, she asked somewhat sheepishly:

I’ve heard it said that you RevThinkers are “the friend to the owner,” but what do you guys actually do?

As it turned out, offering Carolyn a “what we do” overview was unexpectedly helpful. Which got us thinking. Since like Carolyn you are always seeking ways to rev up your creative firm in 2020

Here is that overview:


RevThinking Podcast: The conversation between creative entrepreneurs with 3,000+ global listeners.
The 7 Ingredients: The free, private Facebook group connecting 500+ owners. [Rebooting Q1 2020]


Qohort: Social gatherings of owners at Private Dinners, Happy Hours, and Meetups.
Compound: Making room for transformation: Labs, Workshops, and Retreats.


Jumpstart: Where up-and-coming creative firms reach the next level in just 9 weeks. [Next class starts in February]
Confab: The weekly mastermind of owners and special guests, hosted by RevThink.


The Creative Firm Operating System™: Run your firm using the Factors Method™. [Coming soon]
Consulting: Creating sustainable success within your creative firm.

Whatever path your firm takes this year, we’re excited to help you thrive so your firm can make its greatest impact.



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