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After concluding the ShowLauncher Masterclass 2018 series in Los Angeles, Tim Thompson and Patrick Jager pick up the conversation in January at the NATPE Conference in Miami:

Masterclass Session: Stop Faking It

Tuesday Jan 22 @ 2:30 EST

Simply put, your content is not what’s wrong, it’s how you’re developing it.

At a time of diminishing ad revenue, every media platform is seeking the value of brand involvement. But true brand value must be organic to the platform, to the influencer, and to the audience. There’s no faking it.

NBCU media executive Patrick Jager and RevThink’s Tim Thompson return to NATPE to turn content development on its head while turning time back to 1950’s brand-centric focus. In this session, you’ll learn how to successfully develop an idea worth buying. These proven methods come from 20+ years of leadership in content development and series production and are based on one simple principle: don’t sell TV, develop TV that sells.

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