Stronger together | RevThink

So much has changed since my last email. These are scary times.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic and market downturns, my team and I are focused on briefing our clients 1-on-1. Our aim is to inspire proactive decision-making and help navigate the rapidly evolving challenges.

So what should you do?

Because we believe we are stronger together, I invite you to…

Join the conversation.

This Thursday 19 March at 2 PM ET, Tim Thompson and I are presenting a free livestream called Managing Uncertainty: Clients, Cash, and COVID-19 where we will be sharing our perspective and best practices, as well as answering your questions.

To register, visit the new 7 Ingredients workspace on Slack.

In Slack, simply go to the #livestream-registration channel and click on Pinned Items.

See you Thursday,