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The Factors Method™

Your studio is finally taking off… but you’re overwhelmed

As your creative business takes on more (and bigger budget) projects, your systems begin to fail.

Deadlines get missed. Clients are disappointed. Jobs go over budget… sometimes way over budget.

As the owner, you can’t be on top of every project, every time. But how does one scale production while also maintaining creative control and profitability? And because running a creative business is not like running any other type of company, traditional solutions don’t work.

The Factors Method™

The only production/finance system developed specifically for creative studios

A 12-week program delivered in biweekly sessions with guidance and accountability from your Advisor(s). Be prepared to do the work and rapidly transform your creative business.


Create forward-looking projections that will create the future you desire.

Determine the proper ratio of your studio’s Direct vs Indirect Costs.

Build your own bespoke Project Budget which empowers your producers to wield decision-making authority.

Build the central “nerve center” of your studio, enabling you to manage production – in 30 minutes or less each week – from anywhere in the world.

Like adding “high beams” to your production vehicle, this tool gives you visibility into the future, seeing decision points long before they become a crisis.

Bring your Factors Method system together by implementing a simple routine, run by your team.


“I feel like I just had cataract surgery. After almost a decade, I’m seeing my business clearly for the first time.”


Want in?

The Factors Method™ is a program within Studio Accelerator™


✓  12-week program

✓  6 x Modules

✓  Biweekly sessions with your Advisor(s)

✓  USD 3K per month*

✓  Includes Confab membership ($495/mo value)


* Quarterly commitment of $3K/mo for 3 months. Money back guarantee. Price shown is for US and Canada-based companies, other countries may be lower, please inquire.

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