“The 7 Ingredients to us – and the reason why we have a Facebook group called the 7 Ingredients, and why we refer to it so much – is to have a common understanding, from consultant to client, on where you are and what kind of work you want to do.” – Tim Thompson

In this initial episode in our new 7 Ingredients podcast series, Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson discuss the 2 A.M. issues every owner faces.

In this series we will explore the 7 Ingredients that make up every creative firm, each with its corresponding goals, strategies, routines as well as the myriad connections between them.




The Capability Of Our Team & The Work We Produce

Guiding Clients, Managing Resources, Actualizing & Maintaining “The Splits”

Positioning, Publicity, Outreach, Laying The Foundation For Sales

Sales Pipeline, Winning New Business & Stimulating Repeat Business

Measuring, Reporting & Projecting Money

Legal, Facilities, Taxes, Recruiting & Retaining Talent

Genius, Leadership, Vision, Asset Growth & Exit Strategy

How do these Ingredients evolve over the lifespan of your creative business? See Seasons of the Creative Firm.


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