What’s it like to accelerate your creative firm?

We asked several Jumpstart alumni to talk about their experience. Here is what they had to say (shared with permission):

“It was a fantastic accelerator. We appreciated the laser-like focus on each subject in order to give us a clear path forward.” – Dave at Hank Mango

“While I do not typically write reviews, I will today because I seriously believe the Jumpstart Accelerator program is a no-brainer. With Tim and Joel by your side, you’ll get the expert insight and the tools you absolutely need to run shop shipshape.” – Masha at Creative Mammals

“A great experience overall, thank you!” – William at Coronation Media

“Jumpstart is great. It helped me identify what I’m good at and what I have to focus on.” — Leno Porto at LenoFX

“I really want to thank the RevThink team. I finally feel like I am running my business, not being run by it.” – Alejandro at Sugar Skull

“We’re just very grateful that RevThink exists and helped us get a pathway forward with our studio.” – Mike at Gramm Studio

“This was terrific… and I love being part of your mission. I just wish I had your mentorship 10 years ago.” – Rich at Buttons NY

“Working with RevThink helped our Brazil-based studio realize the goal of developing new business in the US. Amazingly, in just one year our total revenue increased by 900%, most of which came from new international clients.” – Felippe at Mowe Studio

“Our largest project ever just landed… and I know this opportunity would not have happened without the implementation of so many very practical tips and techniques I learned from Jumpstart.” – John at First and Main Films

“I’m extremely satisfied with the Jumpstart experience. It was amazing to find a course that taught me as a creative entrepreneur the business side of things in such an inspiring, concise and tailored way.” – Eric at Mevida

This year our sales grew 400% in the first half of the year compared to last year and we’re closing much larger projects consistently. It took us 6 years to get where we were, but it took us just 6 months after Jumpstart to quadruple that. – João at Mezzolab

“We did a sales trip – thanks to your coaching – and we sealed a deal with a HUGE client. Thank you for this course, I have learned so much.” – Phil at Two Fresh

“We are absolutely loving Jumpstart! Dare I say, it may be the best investment we have ever made.” – Maxwell at Kingdom of Something

The next Jumpstart accelerator begins June 24, 2019.