The one and only with Jonathan Stark | RevThink

Jonathan Stark’s Ditching Hourly is one of the few daily emails that I actually read. So imagine my delight when this email below had this to say about the podcast he and I recorded last Friday… all about positioning:

Joel Pilger from RevThink joined me on Skype yesterday to record an episode about positioning for Ditching Hourly.

The episode won’t go live until tomorrow but Joel shared one positioning tip that was so great that I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

We were talking about the various ways that people answer the question:

“So… what do you do?”

We probably talked about this subject for 15 minutes so you should check out the entire interview when it goes live, but Joel’s genius tip was this:

In your answer, replace the word “a” with the word “the” and see if your answer still works.

My head exploded.

Haha! I love making people’s heads explode.

Ok in all seriousness, listening to the full episode today I appreciated how well Jonathan curated the conversation.

The result is an honest, concise presentation of our collective theories on positioning… whether you run a creative studio, production company, or (in the case of Jonathan’s audience) a software development firm.

Listen here. And please let me know what you think.



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