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After a full week at Promax in LA, I thought I would share my biggest takeaway from the conference.

You might expect I’m sharing a big insight into the seismic shifts in the entertainment industry… or the evolution of branded content → brand content → content… or the rise of Netflix / Hulu / Amazon / Apple…


My biggest takeaway from Promax is the staggering importance of personally connecting with your peers and clients.

It’s difficult for me to overstate this.

I call this “the power of in person.” 

On Monday night alone, RevThink hosted a QOHORT event where 82 studio, prodco, and agency owners gathered to connect, share, and build community.

Yes, 82 amazing minds put down their Wacoms, pushed back from their Apple Cinema Displays, and met at the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles.

Think about that.

Or think of it this way: if it was critically important to your business that you personally connect with 82 leaders by next week, (other than attending a conference) how exactly would you do that?

And that was just the first night.

The rest of the week didn’t disappoint: the hits just kept on coming with agency owners, clients, influencers, and decision makers. I quickly lost count. (OK, alcohol may have played a part in that lol)

But suffice it to say, by the end of the week the moments of knowledge, insights, connections… numbered in the thousands.

One of my favorite axioms is “experts travel.” Which leads me to my biggest takeaway from Promax:

Get out there and connect with your industry.

Your livelihood, your business – yes, your very career – is at stake.

Case in point: my next batch of studio owners is about to get quite the wake-up call on this very topic in my upcoming accelerator. After spending a week on Genius, then Positioning, then Marketing, we dive headlong into week 4 to master the single most important concept that separates ho-hum creative firms from great ones: Powerful Outreach (which includes my favorite chapter, “Experts Travel”).

(BTW if you want to join this group and accelerate your creative firm, just hit reply)

And it’s no small accident that – with my help – this amazing group of up-and-coming studio owners will be doing it… together. Learning together. Building community together. Succeeding together.

Yet another example of the power of in person.

For the rest of you needing a shot of inspiration, watch my livestream (broadcast poolside from the Hotel Figueroa at Promax) with special caffeinated appearances by RevThinkers Ashley Tolusic and Tim Thompson.



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