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Still stuck finding “the right salesperson” as the answer to the sales problem at your creative firm?

You’re not alone.

But is this really a game worth playing?

To illustrate what I mean, let’s play a different game to examine some of the unavoidable realities. In this game, over the next 10 years…

  • Every year you will transplant a fruit tree which costs you $100,000…
  • But only one out of ten trees ever survive…
  • Which means every year, each new tree typically dies…
  • But… when one tree does finally take hold, it bears $1,000,000 in fruit (hurray!) the year following.
  • Then it dies, too.

Q: would you like to play this game?

If you’re like most owners, you think:

“Yes! I’ll take a million dollars worth of projects!”

… while dismissing all the money you’ll burn on the way to earning that juicy million.

Because once you do the math, you discover the ROI of this game is roughly…


Yep. Probability predicts you will spend $1,000,000 to generate $1,000,000 (and we haven’t taken opportunity cost into consideration here).

Are you still interested in playing this game? I didn’t think so.

The moral of the story: hiring “the right salesperson” is not the solution if you are attempting to delegate that which you don’t understand.

Far better to first solve the sales riddle yourself.



P.S. Thanks to William Lebeda at Picturemill for exploring this rather painful analogy with me.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for forthcoming QOHORT retreats and workshops around the topic of Saleskeeping™.

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