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Meet your 2 A.M. issues.

This diagram reveals the reason why creative firm owners can’t sleep at night.

It turns out, there are seven of them.

We often refer to the Seven Ingredients of the Creative Firm™ as “The 2 A.M. issues every owner faces,” because weakness in just one of these areas will likely cause your business to fail. Chances are one of these is what keeps you up at night.

Remember the day when you realized you were brilliant at Creative (The Work) and you decided to launch your own creative firm? Little did you know Creative is just one ingredient of seven.

Processing these items led RevThink to create “The Insanity Diagram” which appears below. In the diagram we explored the seven areas, each with its corresponding goals, strategies, routines as well as the myriad connections between them. One glance at the resulting diagram reveals the complexities involved in running a successful creative firm:

No wonder so many owners struggle to maintain balance as their businesses grow and evolve through the years.

Thankfully, we offer a simplified overview of the 7 Ingredients here:

TheSevenIngredients v4

The Capability Of Our Team & The Work We Produce

Guiding Clients, Managing Resources, Actualizing & Maintaining 
“The Splits”

Positioning, Publicity, Outreach, Laying The Foundation For Sales

Sales Pipeline, Winning New Business & Stimulating Repeat Business

Measuring, Reporting & Projecting Money

Legal, Facilities, Taxes, Recruiting & Retaining Talent

Genius, Leadership, Vision, Asset Growth & Exit Strategy

How does your creative firm evolve through the Ingredients across its lifespan? Read Seasons of the Creative Firm.

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