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I’ve spent the past four weeks probing the question: How are one-third of studios thriving right now despite COVID? 

I’ve spoken with many owners. But when one of my former clients said this (shared with permission):

“Our sustained workload is a result of making investments: a year of steady cold emails, email blasts, and content production. Right now studios cannot rely on inbound marketing. Instead you must reach out and prove your expertise.” – Raff at MOWE Studio

I noticed that little word which keeps coming up again and again:

“… investments…”

Of the studios that are thriving right now, what do they have in common? The pattern is clear:

Owners of thriving firms have an investment mindset.

But what if you’re not thriving? You might read this, feel discouraged, and think:

“I should have done things differently, but I missed out. I’ve just got to hang on until COVID is over…”

But that would be a mistake. Because the opposite is true.

Now is the time to think more like a pirate. Tim Thompson and I recently discussed this and why the ideal time to invest is during an economic downturn.


– Joel 🏴‍☠️

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