Throwing down the gauntlet | RevThink

This past week from the main stage at the Bend Design Conference I threw down the gauntlet:

We suck at marketing.

And as a result of our inability to properly position our creative firms, all those great clients with the greatest needs – challenges, problems, projects, and the like…

Can’t find us.

Which means that persistent, nagging feeling that you’re capable of much more, that you’re missing out…

Isn’t just a feeling.

Apparently my talk struck a nerve. Both of my Three P’s of Positioning Method workshops were sold out with waitlists.

So then what happened? Out of the 100 people who went through the process, the exact number of people who said it easy was…


On the other hand, the number of people who said it was excruciating yet necessary and well worth it was…

I’m not sure. I lost count!

Sadly, many folks couldn’t squeeze into the workshops. And many of you couldn’t even make it to Bend.

But I’m happy to help. So if you are hungry to properly carve out your positioning – so your creative firm can step up, stand out, and reach for the next level – I’m going to host a live workshop to walk you through the Three P’s Method.

November 6. For free.

Register here.