RevThinking 013 | Tricia Melton - The Big Shift and What It Means to Agencies | RevThink

headshot-triciaWhat is The Big Shift? And what does it mean to entertainment marketers… and the creative agencies that serve them? For a peek behind the curtain to learn what clients are up against, Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson interview TV marketing and branding executive / consultant, Tricia Melton.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The Big Shift: thanks to the evolution of VOD and OTT, the viewer now owns the entire experience.
  • Despite the disruptions, for design and branding companies, “out of chaos, comes opportunity” But where are the opportunities?
  • Maybe you as an agency owner don’t have to have all the right answers. Maybe just start asking your clients the right questions?
  • When a need arises, how does your creative shop’s brand – and being narrowly positioned – influence whether or not the client calls you with a job? And if your brand is off, how do you get it back on track?

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