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Happy Monday.

“No, we don’t have a budget. Just send us a proposal, ok?”

Has a client ever said this to you? Did you believe them?

Don’t fall for it.


Here’s why…

Years ago over drinks I challenged a client of mine (a VP/Creative Director at Discovery Channel) and he laughed:

“Of course, yes, we always have a budget. But we can’t resist playing that game. Because what if one of our vendors comes back with a really low price?”

“A-ha! I knew it!” I exclaimed.

And now you know it, too.

(And by the way, would you ever want to be that vendor?)

Since then, I’ve confirmed this fact over and over again. It’s a universal truth.

Now then – knowing that your client always has a budget – recognize your challenge is not to guess it…

But rather… to uncover it.

Then increase it.

Applied over time, this is just one of the ways a studio will double its revenue… and produce its greatest creative work.



P.S. This summer I’m coaching a small group of owners how to do this. To learn more, drop me an note.

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