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While holding briefings and meetings in New York City this past week, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how many studio and agency owners are reading (and benefitting from) these weekly-ish emails.

But even in a major market like NYC, the challenges keep coming fast and furious…

What challenges, you ask? Among the top hot topics we keep hearing at RevThink are how to (1) deal with the accelerating decline of linear broadcast and cable, (2) assert expertise to combat increasing commoditization, and (3) sell directly to brands (like an agency) with a value-based (not service-based) offering.

But what about you? What are your top challenges?

No, seriously…

This is not merely a rhetorical question. We actually want to hear from you.

In a few months the team and I at RevThink are launching a series of QOHORT masterminds – small, intensive workshops, each focused on a hot topic – in several major cities around the world.

Which means we need your input.

To decide which topics to hit head-on, we are sending out this simple 8-question survey to owners across the US and Europe:Please do me a favor and share your thoughts. The survey takes just 2 minutes:


Then later this year, we look forward to spending time with you – in person – to keep your creative firm performing shipshape.

Thank you,


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