Why I'm quitting consulting | RevThink

In our latest podcast, Marcel Ziul explains why the term “consultant” is all wrong.

I agreed. So like Don Draper of Mad Men (who famously wordsmithed, “Why I’m quitting tobacco…”), now you understand my subject line, “Why I’m quitting consulting.”

That said, I’m no quitter. Creative studio owners may not need “consultants” per se, but they do need help, strategies, and community more than ever.

But… what if you run a super successful studio, like the hotter-than-July STATE Design?

That’s a great question…

Fortunately, the ever brash, blunt, and ever-Brazilian Marcel (creative director / founder at STATE) performs a takeover of the RevThinking Podcast to answer that question. In the process, Marcel provokes quite the candid – and revealing – conversation.

But please, don’t call us consultants.



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