RevThinking 066 | Yann Lhomme at Thinkmojo - Profile Of The Creative Entrepreneur | RevThink

“We look at what’s there… so we know exactly what’s going on. We know the trends, we know what works, we know what doesn’t work. And we know what brand is doing what.” – Yann Lhomme

In our ongoing Profile of the Creative Entrepreneur series, we interview inspiring creative entrepreneurs to learn about their journey navigating the intersection of creativity and commerce.

In this episode, Joel Pilger speaks with Yann Lhomme, CEO and founder at Thinkmojo. Yann explains his journey from launching his agency to its discovery and development of VX (Viewer Experience) best practices and expertise.

Next, listen carefully as Yann also reveals his step from the Auteur Stage into the Curator Stage with the launch of Spectacle, a new resource curating the best product and marketing videos on the web.

Full disclosure: Thinkmojo is a client of RevThink. And we couldn’t be more proud.



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